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Whatever the HR need, we have objective and expert information, advice and support tailored for virtually any business and industry.

We help our clients solve tough problems, attract and retain top employees and give their business a competitive edge. We are committed to providing HR support that will help our clients achieve their business goals.

It is a pleasure to work with a pro like you. Your understanding of the HR issues involving mergers and acquisitions makes a real difference. I was particularly pleased with the appropriate retention, communication and development programs that we put in place to motivate and stabilize the workforce.

The results really paid off. For four years, you have been a great partner and we treasure the professional business relationship with you.

Roger Lo, Danon Baby and Medical Nutrition, Asia Pacific

Organisational Change

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Downsizing or business closure
  • Regional and global issues
  • Legal referrals

Talent management

  • Performance management and improvement plans
  • Expatriate management, including housing and Employment Pass applications
  • Succession planning
  • Team building

HR Function

  • HR policy and process
  • Recruitment planning and strategy
  • Employee relations
  • Compliance
  • Record keeping

Benefits and Rewards

  • Remuneration systems
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Mass salary review
  • Labour market monitoring

Learning and development

  • New employees
  • Skills training
  • Leadership development
  • Performance improvement

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